About Us

Best way to tell you who we are is to explain where we started this great little promo company.

Isn’t it strange how businesses get started. Sometimes its just organic & for others it comes from solving a solution to a common problem. Ours was the latter as you will see.

For Eye Catcha Promotions it came about when we (Al & Christine Taylor) came across a fellow student when enrolled in a real estate course in 1995 & who asked a question that would change our future totally.

“Have you got a business card mate”?” so I showed him. He then opened a display of these new full colour glossy business cards that until that day hadn’t been a common product. They were just so impressive with photos of shops, sign written cars & people on them etc. These type of colour cards only existed on Kodak photo paper back then at a very high cost. So we did a deal & took over the small distributorship & a new business was born!

Grabbed a white polo shirt, had a talented monogramming mate embroider an unbelievably realistic eye on it (. i.e. promotional clothing!) & aptly called it “Eye Catcha Promotions”.

Why the Eye embroidery?

Think about it….ever had a salesman come in your door with a clipboard & suit on. Not interested right? Venturing out to go door to door selling these cards we found the embroidered eye to be the best ice breaker. It caught their eye straight away with a usual comment “hey I like the eye” to which I would quickly reply (& still do over 20 years later… “) Al Taylor from Eye Catcha”…

So the next stage was customers asking “do you do promo gear?” We sourced wholesalers/industry insights & then became Eye Catcha Promo Products & Print opening a fabulous modern store on the cusp of Tamworth CBD. How much fun was that! All of a sudden we had a shop, 4 staff, a thriving business.

The location had some great benefits to get free traffic hits (opposite a stationery supply house on a busy corner) & we had the largest awning in Tamworth on which we branded so you couldn’t miss us & 2 large windows installed to showcase our promotional product range.

Fast forward 10 years, we opened up the Gold Coast office where we are now based. We proudly still maintain a very healthy Tamworth & surrounding district customer base. (Some of these have been clients since our inception back in 1995).

We love what we do & have some great suppliers from Australia & China Direct to help you promote. Chasing a motivated, fun, genuine, caring company who wants to put some fun back into investing in promoting, that’s exactly the way we do business ourselves. You only need to see our “Eye Pad” Notepads or “Catch More Business With Eye Catcha” Frisbee’s to see how we promote. From beer bottle opening coasters to pens that spin around, there’s bound to be something that you will brand on to get your customers talking about you. Chat soon.